Driving Range

Our grass tee is one of the largest in the region that is open to the public.

Throughout the summer we keep our range in great condition so our customers can practice like they were on a beautiful fairway. We take pride in providing the public the opportunity to improve their game, without having to charge a lot.

New Golf Balls!

We continually update our inventory of golf balls to make sure that we are providing you with the best quality ball in the industry. We have purchased 35,000 new balls this year and we hope that you enjoy them!


Standard Bucket Of Balls: $10.00 - Includes 70 golf balls

Extra Large Bucket: $20.00 - Includes 140 golf balls

Value Card: $120.00 - Purchase 15 buckets for the price of 12 - 3 FREE Buckets!

Click Here to purchase a Value Card or Gift Card Online Now!

Memberships: (August Discount) $500.00

We have a limited number of Annual Memberships which are NEW THIS YEAR! We are accepting applications now and will take 50 Members for the season.

World Cup Golf Center welcomes there members to hit 30 buckets per month for the entire season that we are hitting off the grass in our private tee (Approximately 5 Months). Each month the card will reset and add 30 buckets to your membership card.

This membership is meant for serious golfers who prefer some privacy when they are practicing. We will have the grass in great condition and members will have full access to our brand new state of the art short game area. There will be parking for members to the left side of the Golf and Ski building closest to the Members Area.

There are very strict rules for this membership so please download both forms below if you are interested. This private area is a special place and we want the integrity of the atmosphere to remain intact.